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This should be the first post that will begin to describe the Campaign setting for the beginning of our Plastic and Magic game.

For more than a hundred years the large area between the Dragon Barb Mountains to the west and the Ancient Depths to the east as far south as the Forest of Shadow and as far north as the Great Swamp has been known as the Wild Lands. It is a wide land with intermittent areas of woods and pasture land dotted here and there with small bodies of water and the occasional stream coming down out of the mountains.

Each little village or large town is a bastion of safety amid the dangerous Wild Lands. There is no one that rules the land overall. Many of the larger towns are essentially city-states that control their immediate surrounding area. Many have mayors or a town council that are in charge and a small number of the largest cities have a king. There is very little trouble between the villages and towns as most of their energy is spent on either keeping the area safe or getting goods and foodstuffs from one town to the next.

For years the smaller towns and villages have relied on random Heroes to step in and keep the evil creatures at bay or they have had to appeal to a nearby larger town to send help. Some locations have better reputations than others. In recent times, however, Adventurer's Guilds have sprung up in different places. These have become places where Heroes can be found or can arrange themselves into formidable groups.

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Dec 30, 2018

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