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Origin of Plastic and Magic

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

From humble beginnings on the living room floor . . . .

Plastic and Magic began around 2000 when I was trying get a group of college friends back together to play Dungeons and Dragons. We were all within an hour or so of each other but trying to get together for a game session was difficult. We had jobs and families and lives to work around. I began to get frustrated that we couldn't find time to all get together to game so I decided to come up with something we could play if only some of us could get together.

I have been huge Lego fan since I was a kid and have tons so I decided to boil down D&D to its most basic elements and make a simple RPG that could be played without much preparation. After poring over the rules for a while I had enough to start with so I threw together a little keep and came up with a simple storyline.

The picture above is from 2003 and the first play-test on the living room floor. It worked fairly well and we all enjoyed it.

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