A life of its own

As I continued to add elements to the game, it began to take on a life of its own. I always liked the idea of henchmen but never really saw them being used in D&D. That was something I definitely wanted to be a part of Plastic and Magic - along with the potential to build up larger forces. I wanted it to remain a shorter, less involved game so I kept hit points low and maximum levels low. It doesn't take many sessions of game play to get Heroes up to a respectable level. That way if you can't get together to game very often you can still make good progress. Also, if a Hero should die, it's not really the end of the world - it won't take long to get a new one up to speed.

Using plastic minis and blocks makes it pretty easy to set up, generally speaking. You can use as much or as little imagination as you want. If you have a small collection, you use a lot of imagination (like a regular pencil and paper RPG). If you have a large collection, make as large a set as you want. We started on my living room floor with a very small keep and a handful of minis. Now we play on a ping pong table with a full layout as you can see from the pictures.

With all the additions and refinements over the years it has turned into a pretty decent RPG, no matter what you might use for miniatures.


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